Introducing Exciting Local StartUp: DigiBot

  • 06 August 2017

Gone are the days of long queues, tedious time spent on calls to customer service departments and delayed email responses. Using the latest API's available, DigiBot (Pty) Ltd (Tech & Software development company) is creating Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications that work with popular social media outlets and corporate websites alongside the likes of Facebook, Google, WeChat, etc.

DigiBot closes communication gaps between companies and customers. The technology allows any business to effortlessly start a communication channel with their customers via, either Facebook Messenger or company websites chat feature thus allowing real time communication between customers and service providers.

The Smart Messaging and AI technology makes it easy for customers to get in touch with their service providers without having to close their current app or website in use.

This new technology integrated with Artificial Intelligence allows secure transactions, instant messaging to customer service channels or simple notifications. In a continent with increasing demand for digitization, DigiBot™ Technology bouquet ensures that every mobile device user in Africa and globally can be empowered to communicate smoother and faster, resulting in rapid query resolution and increased productivity.

DigiBot™ Technology bouquet offers functionalities that are customizable to each company’s needs ranging from chat initiation, push notifications, quick links, promotional media, rich media text, invoices, tokenization to payment gateways thus saving companies additional costs on WASP and email charges.

“We are making the world a better place using the easiest accessible and simplified tools available to businesses,” says Tyrone Crowie, Chief Marketing Officer from Digibot.

For more information visit the DigiBot website.