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General Questions

Advicement offers managed investment portfolios of Exchange Traded Funds via the Easy Equities platform. Our company mission is to give everyone an opportunity to reach their financial goals, through investing and saving, irrespective of their financial position or economic status. We believe this is possible through the use of technology, academic research and the internet.

For more detail, please visit our what we do page or give our online investment process a try.

Advicement strives to make investing simple and available to anyone. Although this is an ambitious aim, we believe the best way to accomplish it, is through the power of technology. We have made investing simple through our investment process which is made up of three easy steps:

  • First, we understand your financial goal through a means of a short questionnaire. We then analyse this information and present to you our investment dashboard.
  • It is important that you understand your investment and the risk associated with it. For this purpose, we have created our investment dashboard which empowers our clients and shows them analysis using sophisticated financial techniques.
  • Once you finished reviewing your proposed investment, we will proceed to email you the dashboard information. If you are satisfied with your investment, you can follow your investment instructions in the email and open an account with our administration partner: Easy Equities.
Advicement was founded by Igor Rodionov after numerous requests from family and friends. Have a look at the who we are section for more detail about our story.
Yes, we do. Advicement mission is to give everyone an opportunity to reach their financial goals, through investing and saving, irrespective of their financial position or economic status.
We are constantly monitoring our portfolios to ensure they are on course to reach their investment objectives. Please consult our investment methodology section for further information.

You may complete our online investment process. Afterwards, you will receive your investment report, together with your proposed Advicement portfolio. We will then proceed to send your investment instructions with a link to open an Easy Equities account. Once your account has been opened and sent relevant FICA documents, you may proceed to invest into an Advicement portfolio (also called bundle).

Alternatively, you can go through Easy Equities website and invest directly into one of the available Advicement bundles.

We are proud to have one of the lowest cost in South Africa. In fact, it is approximately half the cost of using a typical financial advisor. In short, Advicement clients pay 0.25% for brokerage, 1.00% for the management of the Advicement portfolios. For a full breakdown of Advicement fees, please consult our fees page.
Due to Easy Equities fractional ownership capabilities, Advicement clients can start investing from as low as R100. For more information regarding fractional ownership, please consult the Easy Equities website.

Advicement Portfolios

Advicement bundles are investment portfolios which are managed by Advicement on behalf of our clients via the Easy Equities platform. They are available to investors directly via Easy Equities or by completing our online investment process. For a complete list of the available portfolios, please visit our portfolios page.
Advicement portfolios target specific risk orientated investment objectives that are constrained to achieve benchmark equivalent returns. The Advicement portfolios are engineered using quantitative technologies that enable the manager of the portfolio to focus on the investment objective without introducing cognitive biases about anticipating future market performance. The low cost of the underlying instruments together with the use of our sophisticated diversification techniques, allow the Advicement portfolios to pass performance benefits to the investor.
Currently, there are 5 Advicement portfolios which differ according to their risk profile. The portfolios only consist of locally traded Exchange Traded Funds and are constantly monitored by us. For a full list of available portfolios, please visit our portfolios page.
The Advicement range of portfolios is available via the Easy Equities platform. This means you will need to have an account on their platform. Once you have opened an Easy Equities account and you sent them your FICA documents, you may invest into Advicement portfolios directly or by completing our online investment process. There is no difference in cost between the two methods of investing.

Advicement Investment Process

Our platform gets to know your financial goal through the use of 5 steps. Once you completed these steps, we will show you the investment dashboard which will assist you in understanding your investment.
Our platform provides a list of general financial goals which you may want to achieve. However, if you don't find what you are looking for, you may select the Just Invest goal. The purpose of this section is to separate our client's goals so that it is easier to monitor them. Behavioural finance has shown that people who set aside financial goals are more likely to stick with them, rather than people who put money away infrequently.
Advicement has a rigorous investment process where we rank the underlying ETFs using some of the following factors: performance, benchmark tractability, costs and diversification ability. Based on these criteria, our algorithms are able to optimally select the most effective combination of ETFs for our portfolios.
Your investment dashboard will show the chances of reaching your financial goal, portfolio composition, historical analysis, projected analysis, cost analysis and more. We have designed our investment process and dashboard with simplicity and ease of use in mind.
Yes, once you complete our investment process, you have an option of receiving your investment report via email.
Once you completed our online investment process, you will then send your investment instructions, should you choose to proceed with your investment. In short, you will be required to open an Easy Equities account and send them your FICA documents for approval. The sign up process is quick and straightforward, provided you have your FICA documents ready. Once you have an Easy Equities account you can invest into your chosen Advicement portfolio via the Easy Equities site.

My Investments

Easy Equities platform provides investment administration and buys the Advicement portfolios on behalf of our clients. Easy Equities is an online retail stock broker which has more than 50 000+ users and boasts one of the lowest brokerage costs in South Africa. It is a product of Purple Group Limited Company and which is an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP number: 22588).

To invest with Advicement, you will be required to open an account with Easy Equities and provide them with your FICA documents. For a complete list of appropriate documents, please consult the Easy Equities website.
To sell your portfolio, you will have to submit your instructions to Easy Equities and then tell Easy Equities to withdraw the amount to your bank account. It takes about 3-4 business days to see the money in your bank account. Easy Equities make every endeavour to make this process as quick and easy as possible on their side, but they are to some extent at the mercy of the banking institutions with whom they deal and cannot make the banks' processes any faster.
The management fees are charged to cover the ongoing management of each Advicement portfolio and are charged in the following manner:
  • Initial Bundle Fee is a once-off fee payable in advance when you first invest in a particular Advicement portfolio for the ongoing management of each Bundle you hold and accrues at the beginning of each calendar year (1 January). Where you invest in a Bundle after 1 January, this fee will be reduced proportionately according to the number of days left in that calendar year.
  • Bundle Renewal Fee is an annual management fee payable each calendar year on the first day of the year for the ongoing management of each Bundle you hold.
Bundle fees are charged as a percentage of the total Rand value of the investment.
No, the investments we recommend do not have any guarantees. All investments involve risk and may result in a loss. We ensure that our portfolios are well diversified in the event of poor market conditions and do not suffer significant losses. Please read our investment methodology and our full disclosure for more information.

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Advicement offers managed investment portfolios of Exchange Traded Funds via the Easy Equities platform

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