Advicement Offers Managed Investment Portfolios of ETFs

Smart Investing For Everyone

Advicement offers managed investment portfolios of Exchange Traded Funds to our clients via Easy Equities. We have constructed these portfolios using sophisticated mathematical techniques and taken away the headache of you doing it yourself. All your money gets to work immediately, and you can start saving from R100.

Diversified Portfolios

Our portfolios are optimised to bring you a diversification benefit without compromising your return. Diversification means not putting all your eggs in one basket and this is exactly what we have done by combining different ETFs and their exposures.

Low Fees

Low fees make a big difference over time. We do not charge any advice fees, initial fees, exit fees or any hidden fees. With Advicement you are saving approximately 50% when compared to a cost of a typical financial advisor.

Advicement Features

Our investment portfolios consist of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). These passive products track benchmarks according to specific rules, which makes them cost effective and transparent. Furthermore, passive products are regulated by the JSE, making them a safe option from a credit risk point of view.

By offering portfolios of passive products, we can pass their low cost to our clients and give them a better chance of reaching their financial goals.

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Ease of Access

One of the many reasons Easy Equities is our investment administrator is that our clients can start saving from as low as R100. We do not differentiate between the invested amounts, and our fees are consistent for everyone.

By starting to save from R100, everyone can start reaching their financial goals.

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Diversified Portfolios

Diversification means not putting all your eggs in one basket and having exposure to many different asset classes. Getting the diversification benefit is an important consideration when combining instruments into your portfolio.

We have you covered. We specialise in an area of finance called portfolio construction and make sure your investment portfolio benefits from diversification and remains optimal.

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Sophisticated Rebalancing

Over time, investment portfolios can drift away from their assigned risk level and need to be rebalanced. Rebalancing ensures that the risk level of your investment does not change over time.

We take care of this, by constantly monitoring your investment portfolio and rebalance on your behalf when necessary.

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3 Simple Steps to Get Started with Advicement

Tell Us About Your Financial Goal

First, we understand your financial goal through a means of a short questionnaire. We then analyse this information and present to you our investment dashboard.

Review Your Goal with Our Investment Dashboard

It is important that you understand your investment and the risk associated with it. For this purpose, we have created our investment dashboard which empowers our clients and shows them analysis using sophisticated financial techniques.

Sign up to Easy Equities

Once you finished reviewing your proposed investment, we will proceed to email you the dashboard information. If you are satisfied with your investment, you can follow your investment instructions in the email and open an account with our administration partner: Easy Equities.